Microsoft Flow Round-Up from Microsoft Ignite 2017

Hi all,

In case you didn't get a chance to attend Microsoft Ignite 2017, you can still catch the great sessions that were presented at the event.  Please note that some of the content is still being uploaded.

Session TitleLevelTopicAudience
Bring your sales team together: Office 365 Groups, Teams & Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the real worldFoundational (100)Usage & AdoptionIT Decision Makers
Learn how Dynamics 365, Office 365 and related applications work together to transform the workplaceFoundational (100)Usage & AdoptionIT Influencers & Implementers
Microsoft app-in-a-day with PowerApps, Flow and Common Data ServiceFoundational (100)Application PlatformIT Influencers & Implementers
Tackling Adoption Like A Service With Office 365Foundational (100)Usage & AdoptionIT Decision Makers
Administration and ALM best practices for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Common Data ServiceIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Automate workflows and enable modern approvals with Microsoft FlowIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Automate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 dayIntermediate (200)Usage & AdoptionIT Influencers & Implementers
Delivering simple and powerful serverless business applicationsIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Develop for the experience business with Adobe and MicrosoftIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create custom solutions unique to your businessIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Extend the reach of your applications using the Business Application PlatformIntermediate (200)Application PlatformIT Influencers & Implementers
Learn how to deliver a compelling test drive experience on Microsoft AppSourceIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsDevelopers
Office 365 developer platform overviewIntermediate (200)ProductivityDevelopers
Quick wins with Microsoft Flow and PowerAppsIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Real world use cases: Custom solutions build with PowerApps,  Microsoft Flow & Common Data ServiceIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Securely transact business in Microsoft apps with Adobe Sign, the Microsoft preferred eSign solutionIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Transform business process with SharePoint, PowerApps, and Flow for biz apps, forms, and automationIntermediate (200)ProductivityIT Influencers & Implementers
Transforming business processes into Microsoft PowerApps and FlowIntermediate (200)Usage & AdoptionIT Influencers & Implementers
Workflow Orchestration with Adobe I/OIntermediate (200)LOB ApplicationsDevelopers
Connect Dynamics 365 and business application data with Common Data Service for powerful resultsAdvanced (300)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Create custom forms and digital experiences in SharePoint using Microsoft PowerAppsAdvanced (300)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Deep dive: Compare SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Flow scenariosAdvanced (300)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Platform Update for DevelopersAdvanced (300)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Unlock extensibility by connecting your service to PowerApps and Microsoft FlowAdvanced (300)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers
Deep dive: Advanced workflow automation with Microsoft FlowExpert (400)LOB ApplicationsIT Influencers & Implementers

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